Privacy Policy

Nodaway Games cares about your privacy. We'll do whatever we can to secure any personal information we collect.

The only personally-identifiable information we currently accept is your email address. We'll never sell it or share it with any third party. We will only use your email address to (1) reset your password, or (2) reply to a comment or question.

We don't store any passwords.

Google Analytics provides us with aggregated information about how the site is used. There is no way for us to connect that information to a specific user or device.


We value all our players, but to us, you're just a number. Chileta creates a unique numeric identifier for each device. Chileta transmits game play data including solutions, scores, achievements, settings and InApp purchases associated with the device identifier.

We collect information about game play so that you can sync your progress across multiple devices, so you can access your progress online, and so we can find and fix problems with Chileta.

Even though we don't know who you are, we will never sell or share any information collected by Chileta that refers to an individual user. We may share aggregated information for marketing or business reasons.

If you are not comfortable with our privacy policy, or you work for the CIA, there is an option on the Chileta settings page called ChServer that will lockdown Chileta. If it's set to NO, Chileta will stop transmitting information. Period.

Chileta uses In-App Purchase and Game Center. Both are subject to the Apple Privacy Policy, and both services are optional. Game Center can be disabled from the Game Center app.