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Nodaway Games Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I need to make a user on your site.

A. You don't. Unless you want to sync your progress across multiple devices, or you want to see your high scores online (coming soon).

Q. Why do you ask for an email to create an account?

A. An email address is more likely to be unique than a user name, and it's easier to remember. It also provides a way to reset your password. I hate spam. I'll never use, sell or give away your email.

Q. I don't have access to my old email account anymore, how can I access my scores?

A. Contact support.

Chileta Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you sure puzzle so-and-so can be cleared?

A. Yes. Well, I'm pretty sure. Every puzzle has been cleared by me, one of my loyal testers, or my solver. If you spot one that can't be cleared please let me know.

Q. Why isn't so-and-so a valid word!?

A. Chileta uses a small dictionary with only 70K of the most popular English words. There are no derogatory terms or proper nouns. Consider it part of the challenge, and it helps level the playing field.

Chileta only accepts words between 3 and 11 characters.

You can suggest a word on the dictionary page.

Q. How do you calculate score?

A. Puzzle score is the sum of the gem scores plus the sum of the word scores. Three factors make up a word score:

1. the frequency of each letter in English words,
2. the length of the word, and
3. the distance that the letters of a word have travelled.

To score more points, move letters to form long words, and use all the letters (including the rack letters).

Q. Why, in the solution viewer, does my high score for puzzle say "details on another device"?

A. Either you didn't earn that score on the current device, or the device has been reset. Right now Chileta only syncs the high scores, not the details of the highest solution.